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The site is hosted by OVH SAS RCS Roubaix - Tourcoing 424 761 419 00011 (2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France.)

1. Purpose

The purpose of these conditions is to define the terms and conditions of provision of the services on the site BET& and the conditions of use of the services by the User.

Any access and/or use of the site www.BET& assumes unconditional acceptance of and compliance with all the terms of these Conditions.

They constitute a contract between BET&BETER and the User.

In the event that the User does not wish to accept some or all of these General Conditions, he or she is requested to refrain from using the Service at all.

By accepting these General Conditions, you declare that you have read and understood them.

2. Intellectual property

The site BET& is protected by the legislation in force in France. The site and the content reproduced on the site are subject to copyright. Reproduction, publication, sale, exploitation or distribution thereof without the express written authorisation of BET&BETTER constitutes an infringement for which criminal penalties may be pronounced.

BET&BETTER is a protected trademark. Any unauthorised reproduction of these trademarks, logos and signs is forbidden.

Only private use is authorised, no other type of exploitation.

3. Personal data

In order to respect the privacy of its users, BET&BETTER undertakes to ensure that the collection and treatment of personal information complies with the law of 6 January 1978 called the law on "Information Technology and Liberties".

In accordance with article 34 of this law, we guarantee the user the right to objection, access and rectification of the personal data concerning him or her.

4. Definitions

"Account closure" designates an account which has been closed or cancelled by you or by us.

"User" designates a person registered.

"Intellectual property" designates the trading names and trademarks, whether filed or not, including in their applications, and the trade marks filed with the intangible assets connected thereof, whether filed or not and includes registered trademarks and their applications (including domain names), and the services, skins and style and in particular, but not limited to, the manner presented on websites ; and registrations of domain names and their variations now and in the future ; and any presentation, skin or style copyright or any right or licence protected by copyright of use of the presentation, skin and style and any software code, software architecture, aspect of software and other types of intellectual property, possessed by us or used by us under licence, in any region of the world.

"Participate" describes but is not limited to the fact of playing and/or using the forum service of the site.

"Registered client" designates a person who is registered with BET&BETTER as a client and who has opened an account with us.

The term "Service" designates any software possessed or used by us under licence to enable you to participate.

The term "Your jurisdiction" designates the jurisdiction of your place of domicile or residence.

5. Eligibility

5.1. You cannot participate if you are a resident of:

You should not open an account is you are located in a territory in which opening an account is illegal or in contradiction with the applicable legislation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration is legal in your jurisdiction.

BET&BETTER suggests that you consult a legal adviser if there is any doubt concerning the legality of your participation.

We reserve the right, at our full discretion, to ask you to supply evidence documenting your country of residence at any time. BET&BETTER shall not be held liable if use is forbidden in your country of residence.

BET&BETTER does not guarantee the legality of your participation in your country. We will immediately suspend your account if we discover that you are a resident of a country in which participation is illegal.

The site BET&BETTER is reserved for players who are aged 18 years and over.

We reserve the right to ask you to supply documentary evidence of your age at any time.

6. Access to the service

BET& includes two services.

A forum of which use is free of charge, and a contest section which is a free service.

6.1. The forum can be access free of charge by any User with internet access.

6.2. All costs relating to access to the service (costs of equipment, software Internet etc) shall be borne by the User.

The latter is solely responsible for his or her computer equipment and internet access functioning properly.

6.3. The contest section is reserved to registered clients.

BETBETTER reserves the right to refuse access to the "contest" section unilaterally and without advance warning to any User who does not comply with these General Conditions.

It is our sovereign power to refuse your registration, without any explanation.

6.4. BET&BETER shall implement all reasonable means available to it to ensure quality access to the Service, but is not bound to achieve this.

BET&BETTER cannot be held liable for any network or server malfunction or any other event beyond reasonable control or which prevents or worsens access to the Service.

BET&BETTER reserves the right to interrupt, suspend temporarily or modify without notice access to some or all of the Service, in order in particular to provide maintenance, or for any other reasons, without the interruption leading to an entitlement to any obligation or compensation.

7. Limited liability and exemption

You acknowledge that BET&BETTER is in no event liable on the basis of contractual, criminal or civil liability towards you or third parties.

It is not possible for BET&BETTER to guarantee that exchange of data are fully secure: there is therefore no liability resulting from any loss connected to the exchange of data.

You acknowledge that BET&BETTER is not liable for (non-exhaustive list): - losses resulting directly or indirectly from your use
- delay or interruption to the services
- any fraudulent use of your account

Furthermore, no agreement exists between BET&BETTER and the User in the event that your are a resident of a country in which participation is illegal and/or in the event you are a minor.

If, pursuant to these conditions, BET&BETTER is held liable, compensation only applies to direct, personal and certain damages, with express exclusion of all indirect and intangible damages and/or losses such as financial loss, commercial loss, operating and turnover losses and loss of data.

8. Force majeur

BET&BETTER shall not incur liability in your regard in the event of force majeure.

Force majeure is defined in these conditions as any event beyond the reasonable control of BET&BETTER.

9. Account opening

BET&BETTER authorises only one account to be opened per person; duplicate accounts will be closed.

The procedures for opening an account are defined in the "contest rules" which form an integral part hereof.

Account opening can only be requested by its real holder.

10. Use of account

Only registered clients can use the account.

The User must be the true legal holder of the money gambled on BET&BETTER and/or be duly authorised to use this money.

In its relations with BET&BETTER the User must demonstrate good faith.

You shall pay all money due to BET&BETTER, and you shall not cancel or object to these payments.

It is your responsibility to implement all means to prevent minors and other vulnerable persons under your care from using your account.

Any connection or data transmission carried out using the service shall be deemed to have been carried out by the User himself or herself or under his or her sole responsibility.

Bets placed by a third party shall be considered as valid and you are bound by them.

11. Anti money laundering

By accepting these General Conditions, you declare that the source of all funds used by you on the site is legal and you will not use the site for an illegal or fraudulent activity, including money laundering as stipulated by any law applicable to you.

France has strict rules on money laundering and may require that we flag you to the authorities concerned if we observe or have reason to suspect that your transactions are really being used to launder money.

We reserve the right to notify the competent authorities as required.

In this case we can suspend or immediately close your BET&BETTER account.

Likewise, it is at our discretion to refuse to reimburse any funds held on this account in such a case.

In order to fight money laundering, no cash shall be accepted to supply your account.

12. Account closing

The present agreement is entered into for an indefinite term. Either party is authorised to close the account at any time.

- closure by the User:

You can end these terms at any time by sending an email to the address:

The account will end when we have actually closed your account. We inform you that you are responsible for any activity on your account between the time you send us an email and the time we close the account.

All uncontested funds will be returned once the bets in progress on your account have ended.

- closure by BETBETTER:

You hereby acknowledge that BET&BETTER is not required to give you any notice.

Likewise in the case of expulsion, BET&BETTER has no obligation to give you any obligation.

BET&BETTER reserves the right to suspend any payment or fund that is contested.

13.Responsible contest

Participation is at your sole liability, discretion.

You have sole responsibility for declaring, paying and informing the tax authorities and/or government of any taxes related to gains from the site.

You should not have unreasonable expectations concerning gains.

The User has the option of asking BETBETTER to prohibit his or her access on the site.

The User undertakes not to commit acts or adopt behaviours which could damage the reputation of BET&BETTER.

14. Payment and withdrawal

Collection and disbursement procedures.

Payments and fund transfers only concern registered Clients or donors

15. Change this agreement

BETBETTER reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions of the site at any time.

By complying with these conditions, you indicate that you agree to consult the site to be informed of any changes.

Continuing to use the site shall be deemed as implicit acceptance of later changes to these regulations.

If part of the regulations is considered as illegal, invalid or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, this part shall then be considered to be separate from the rest of the regulations and shall in no manner affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions of the regulations. In such a situation, the part considered invalid must be modified to be compatible with the applicable law in order reflect our initial intention as closely as possible.

16. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The present conditions are subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute which cannot be settled amicably, only French courts shall have jurisdiction.

17. Contest rules

The contest rules form an integral part of these General Conditions.

By accepting these General Conditions, you are bound by these gabling regulations and therefore required to comply with them.

Simplified Generals rules:

1- Free Global Contest is open from Wednesday to Sunday

2- To create a fair Play contest the player has to give one answer per day and per player.

3- When you register please Give your real name and address to send your silver or Gold coins .Do not worry We WILL NEVER SELL THIS LIST ( for integrity reasons and others…)

4- Respect and courtesy of rigor in posts

5- To switch from coin to Gold bar, it would be cool if you open at least two demo accounts with our partners, each demo account pays us Fees that we use to recompense our winners. 100% of fees are used to buy and send silver gold coins to our winners.( especially for first months)

6- If you are satisfied by our contest, philosophy and support our causes, please note that it is not forbidden to make a donation . We make our best to repay until 95% of donation. This contest is yours and we want to develop it and create a new share of growth.

-If the item 2-4 are not satisfied we will return to the second closest player or cancel the contest of the day.