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DOW JONES     Apple Stock Price Forecast to Collapse to $250 Target By 2013-2014 (mart.j)

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mart.j     posted : 25/01/13   10:56 am

fter a bump up with the entire market at the beginning of the year, a 300 point rally can lift a lot of boats; the sellers loved that entry point to reassert this stock on the downtrend it has been on since the 700 dollar level.

Apple doesn`t make the best phone anymore

Timing really hurt Apple because the Galaxy3 came out 8 weeks earlier, and all those subscribers who could have looked at the I-Phone 5, went into their local Verizon or AT&T store and fell in love with the beautiful Samsung Galaxy3.

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Hedge21     posted : 25/01/13   11:06 am

correct Mart,

the same plan

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Christina     posted : 26/01/13   04:23 pm

So How and When Do You Short Apple?
That depends on your perspective. Tactically speaking, Apple's a short-term trader's dream.

Expensive and marginable, it moves a lot. That means there's opportunity in both directions.

If you're one to trade earnings announcements, here's something to consider. Birinyi Associates noted to CNBC that Apple stock has "gained 70% of the time in afterhours trading on the day it reported" but 68% of the time it's closed lower on the following day by a half a percent on average. It's already tanked as of press time, so these numbers appear pretty much worthless except as a frame of reference.

I think the more attractive price action on the short side is longer-term. I expect Apple's shares to generally trade lower through the balance of the year.

Absent some real innovation, I believe the iPad/iPhone combination will continue to lose valuable consumer ground both in terms of appeal and utility. I see this translating into reduced product appeal that directly impacts product introduction cycles and slows revenue growth.

In that sense, the real news is not what happened this earnings cycle, but the ones that are two -- even three --quarters from now, when gross margins are under real pressure.

It's no wonder, under the circumstances, that Apple guided lower again and declined to provide a profit forecast. I think they know it, too.
I\'m happy to receive any constructive criticism about my trades. I\'m always ready to learn more.
Christina     posted : 27/01/13   08:49 am

Apple take the same trend than Microsoft

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I\'m happy to receive any constructive criticism about my trades. I\'m always ready to learn more.
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