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DOW JONES     deflation enter in the game (Christina)

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Christina     posted : 13/05/13   07:18 pm


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I\'m happy to receive any constructive criticism about my trades. I\'m always ready to learn more.
Christina     posted : 13/05/13   07:21 pm


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I\'m happy to receive any constructive criticism about my trades. I\'m always ready to learn more.
Christina     posted : 10/11/13   08:40 am

Hyper monetary inflation is exactly QE, the bond monetization
Hyper inflation exists now, on the monetary side (completed correct forecast)
Home values, mortgage bonds, bank equity all fell (seen as deflation)
The massive decline in asset prices has already occurred
The United States is totally dependent on inflation now (dispensed by USFed)
The bond monetization has supported the USGovt deficits
The monetary easing has supported mortgage rates
Except for redirected amplified inflation, asset prices would collapse
As asset prices weaken, the call for more inflation comes (vicious cycle)
The pressures rise constantly for more monetary inflation
The two forces have interacted together since 2011, when QE began
They are not exclusive, but rather simultaneous, even interwoven
Tremendous inflation derivative devices are at work behind the scenes
Tremendous downdrafts on asset prices are prevented by official intervention

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the deflation called upon in result to the inflation. Worse, the reaction to falling asset prices has been for yet more inflation to prop prices, as freshly printed money is devoted to support bond prices, home prices, and bank equity prices. For those who do not see the home prices propped, notice the growing legion of Private Equity firms who purchase 100-home blocks of properties from the big bank portfolio.

The Inflation and Deflation are manifested simultaneously to produce a horrific financial and economic storm which cannot be quelled except by a return to the Gold Standard. They are simultaneous with direct effects upon each other, from the monetary spigot to the dynamic asset valuations. They are not exclusive of each other. Rather, they occur at the same time to create an historically unprecedented storm vortex as center, seen over every continent active in trade and finance.

Endless chronic 0% official interest rates in the United States, England, and Europe. The nil rate is the traditional trigger and sustaining force for the Gold market.
The crumbling fortress of sovereign bonds, broken on the peripheral nations, the deep damage working its way to the core of USTreasurys and UKGilts through Italy and Spain, despite the sheep-like retreat into USGovt bonds. Watch out for France!!
The utter wreckage of the big US banks, kept afloat by the generous FASB accounting rules since April 2009, insolvent to their core, under siege from both toxic mortgage assets and bond investor lawsuits, under Basel II strain on reserve management, and suddenly finding themselves grossly under-capitalized after showing unwillingness to recapitalize when their stock shares were much higher last year.
The witness of the Euro Central Bank putting up another EUR 850 billion to bail out Italian and Spanish Govt debt, after several bailouts of Greek debt fixed nothing and only served to apply patches amidst continual bank redemptions.
The general sense that fiat money is losing its value, its meaning, and public confidence, as central banks are observed in the HariKari Keynesian Monetary exercise ritual, having lost their prestige and credibility, but seen still as the last hope. Every action they take debases the currencies further and lifts the Gold price.
The USFed inflation is in position to cover debts, public and private. The debt is not covered by legitimate income anymore. It is printed. At times, one can read or hear that the USFed is printing capital, or providing capital for the big New York banks, more extreme heresy. Inflation is not capital, when in fact inflation destroys capital. The US is exceptional. The great lie is that the USFed Quantitative Easing programs of printing money, using the phony money to cover the debt (called debt monetization), is actually called STIMULUS. It destroys capital the way inflation always has. Actually, keep in mind that under Greenspan, the entire concept of bond monetization was considered heresy and deeply destructive, by the USFed itself. Memories are short. The heresy is an integral part of what can be called Reich Economics, laced with propaganda from the controlled media. The forces of economics, finance, and money are pointed at the United States. It will bend to the forces, despite the ample nazi banker efforts.
I\'m happy to receive any constructive criticism about my trades. I\'m always ready to learn more.
Hedge21     posted : 17/11/13   02:13 pm


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When the velocity of money is that low, and we know there's no huge increase in the money supply (though there may be in the monetary base), how can inflation numbers still be positive? Good question
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