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DOW JONES     Global demographic trend 1950-2050 (mart.j)

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mart.j     posted : 13/04/11   08:15 pm

according bespokeinvest

The OECD recently issued its annual Society at a Glance report which highlights and compares trends in income, age, and other vital statistics across countries. There is simply too much good information in this report to cover it all here, so to look over all of its various aspects, check out the report for yourself here: Society at a Glance 2011.

One interesting aspect of the report highlights trends in the age of the global population. In the charts below we compare the percentage of the entire OECD population above the age of 65, as well as the percentage of the population in BRIC and G7 countries above the age of 65. As shown in the top chart, 14.61% of the population within all OECD countries is currently above the age of 65 years old. Between now and 2050, this percentage of the population will increase to 25.66%.

Not surprisingly, within the more developed G7 economies, a larger proportion of the population is 65 or older. Currently, 16.72% of the population within these economies is above the age of 65, and by 2050 seniors are forecast to account for 26.12% of the total G7 population. The trend in emerging markets, however, is the opposite. Within the four BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, seniors currently account for only 6.98% of the total population.

While demographics are currently a trend working in favor of emerging markets, they too will ultimately face the same problems as developed economies. As shown in the lower chart, over the next forty years, BRIC countries will see seniors' share of the total population increase 268% from 6.98% to 18.69%!

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